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Cardinal Of The Week: Week Five

 (Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)
(Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)
Getty Images

I don't really feel like doing this after such a horrible loss, but it is a weekly feature so I have to do it.... I'll leave a special option in the poll for this one.

Last week, Beanie Wells won with 95% of the 213 votes.

Beanie Wells - 20 carries, 60 yards, TD

Not the same kind of great game as what Beanie has been having for most of the season, but he got plenty of carries even while the Cardinals are down by a lot (nice to see that for once), he ran hard, and he had a highlight reel play where he knocked someones helmet and skullcap off when he hit them.

A.J. Jefferson - 8 tackles, pass deflection

Again, not a great game (nobody really had a great game though), but I thought he was the most consistent player on the defense. He gave up a few plays, but overall he looked good in coverage and Jefferson has been solid in his first year as a starter. When a ball hits him in the hands, he needs to catch it though. We have seen several possible interceptions dropped this year.

Nobody Deserves to win

I'm guessing this will be the most popular option. Just looking at the score says it all for me.

Some people who I also considered were Ben Graham, Daryl Washington and Early Doucet.

CotW Winners Wins
A.J. Jefferson 1
Darnell Dockett 1
Patrick Peterson 1
Kevin Kolb 1
Beanie Wells 2
Calais Campbell 1
Richard Bartel 1