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A Call To The Members Of ROTB, Both Active And Lurking

This is a public service announcement from your blogger guy! There are a lot of your readers out there that. I know...I get stats everyday that tell me how many individual visitors there are. Based on that, I know that there are far more readers than comment. 

Here at ROTB we are a community. We welcome you to come, sit down and share your thoughts. We would love for you to be an active participant, and not simply a passerby. ROTB is not for just the most hardcore of football fans. There are some hardcore guys. 

If you haven't yet, become a member. It costs you nothing. That way you can vote in polls, leave comments and even write a FanPost or two (which I believe is what sets the SB Nation communities apart from other sites). 

But, please, feel welcome. This site is more than the posts that I and my other writers share. It is great when you all participate.