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NFL Power Rankings: Green Bay Still On Top, The 49ers Are On The Move

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Week five is in the books and it seemed like (for the most part) we are definitely starting to see some trends in the league. The rich got richer and the poor are worse than they were before. Injuries are starting to stack up across the league and teams are scrambling to find replacements within their own rosters. 

There was some movement in the power rankings this week, but for the most part, teams stayed relatively where they were before, especially with the first bye week in effect. Remember, LW = last week's rank. Let's take a look at the power rankings headed into week six. 

1. Green Bay Packers (5-0) (LW: 1): The Packers remain at the top of the pile after tearing apart the Falcons defense in the Georgia Dome. Aaron Rodgers made completions to 12 different receivers on Sunday night... 12. 

2. New Orleans Saints (4-1) (LW: 2): The Saints had to take all the way until the final play to seal their victory against Cam Newton's Panthers. Still, their offense is extremely potent and they will be a contender yet again. Marques Colston continues to work his way back from his injury, which will provide a big boost one he's 100%. 

3. Detroit Lions (5-0) (LW: 4): Still undefeated, the Lions were able to pressure Jay Cutler throughout the game on Monday Night Football. They have quite the home field advantage as well. I can't wait to see the Packers play the Lions in week 12. 

4. New England Patriots (4-1) (LW: 5): The Patriots were able to run all over the Jets at Gillette Stadium this weekend. Wes Welker still remained a huge part of their offense with 124 yards receiving despite the fact that he was being covered by Darrelle Revis.  

5. Baltimore Ravens (3-1) (LW: 3): Bye. They are still the most impressive team in the AFC, but the Patriots overtake them this week with a win over the Jets. 

6. Buffalo Bills (4-1) (LW: 8): Not far behind the Ravens and the Pats are the Buffalo Bills. Wait. Huh? The Bills were able to pick off Michael Vick for a career high four interceptions and they made the 'Dream Team' pay. 

7. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-2) (LW: 9): They won without Rashard Mendenhall and Ben Roethlisberger was banged up. Big Ben threw for five TDs. Congrats, fantasy owners. 

8. San Diego Chargers (4-1) (LW: 10): The Bolts barely edged out Tim Tebow and the Broncos, but the teams ahead of them from last week's rankings all lost. 

9. San Francisco 49ers (4-1) (LW: 14): Jim Harbaugh has revitalized this football team. Period. Whoever thought that Alex Smith would be leaving games early because his team was winning, give yourselves a pat on the back. 48-3 Bucs? You should be ashamed. 

10. Houston Texans (3-2) (LW: 6): You can hardly blame them for losing to an emotional Raiders team due to the death of Al Davis. Still, the Texans should have won that game. Mario Williams is now out for the year with a torn pectoral, so that division could turn out to be a race to the finish line. 

11. Washington Redskins (3-1) (LW: 12): Another bye team. Both the Eagles and Giants lost, however, so they actually managed to move up. 

12. Oakland Raiders (3-2) (LW: 16): This might be a stretch, but all of Al Davis' former first round draft picks are finally looking like they want to play up to their status. Whether they do that or not remains to be seen. 

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-2) (LW: 7): They were manhandled by the 49ers. LeGarrette Blount was almost useless and Josh Freeman didn't have the best of games. They should be so lucky to still be in the top dozen after that performance. 

14. New York Giants (3-2) (LW: 11): They lost a very manageable game at home to the Seahawks. Eli Manning threw a pick in the red zone that ended any hopes of winning. In fact, all of the NFC East QBs are becoming known for plays like that (I am looking at you, Romo). Sorry to all the survival league players that took them this week. 

15. New York Jets (2-3) (LW: 13): The Jets look like they are going through some growing pains at the moment. When a defense that is known for being stout against the run can't stop it against a mediocre (at best) running team, there may be some problems. Look for them to get back on track next Monday night at home against the struggling Dolphins. 

16. Tennessee Titans (3-2) (LW: 15): They don't drop much for two reasons: 1. All of the teams around them lost 2. They lost to the Steelers. Matt Hasselbeck is still playing well and Chris Johnson looks to be finding somewhat of a rhythm now (except against Pittsburgh). 

17. Cincinnati Bengals (3-2) (LW: 20): The Red Rifle and his Bengals are actually pretty dang good. Too bad they play in the same division as Pittsburgh and Baltimore. 

18. Dallas Cowboys (2-2) (LW: 18): They had a bye week. The 'Boys stay put by default. Tony Romo will assuredly have something to say 

19. Atlanta Falcons (2-3) (LW: 17): The Falcons had a rematch against their playoff foe, the Green Bay Packers, on Sunday night. The firepower of the Pack proved to be too much for Atlanta and they faltered. Julio Jones may be a good player, but he was obtained so that this team could win now and so far, they haven't done too much winning. 

20. Cleveland Browns (2-2) (LW: 21): Yet another bye team. Will Peyton Hillis' contract situation and the doubt that has been cast over it effect this young team? Time will tell. 

21. Carolina Panthers (1-4) (LW: 23): The Panthers may be 1-4, but they have had close games throughout the entire season. Most recently, they lost to the Saints by a mere three points. Newton is starting to figure things out and they will get better. 

22. Chicago Bears (2-3) (LW: 19): The Bears have the worst offensive line in the NFL, no question. Yes, it is even worse than the Cardinals'. Jay Cutler did his best to mask it's weaknesses, but to no avail. For a team that was in the NFC Championship game last year to start out like this, one would think they lost a big time player. 

23. Seattle Seahawks (2-3) (LW: 26): The Seahawks went in to the Meadowlands and beat the Giants. Whether that means the Seahawks are better than we thought or the Giants are worse, I am not sure. What I do know is that Charlie 'Clipboard Jesus' Whitehurst went into the game after Tarvaris Jackson was injured and he lit it up. 

24. Kansas City Chiefs (2-3) (LW: 28): The Chiefs have now defeated two very poor teams (Minnesota and Indy) to remain relevant. Make no mistake, this team is not very good, especially given all of their injuries. 

25. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-4) (LW: 24): I can't understand for the life of me why Maurice Jones-Drew isn't getting more touches. With a rookie QB, that would make some sense, right?

26. Philadelphia Eagles (1-4) (LW: 22): Michael Vick officially declared this team in a state of emergency. Will that change anything or will the Eagles continue to fail? 

27. Denver Broncos (1-4) (LW: 27): It's Tebow time!

28. Minnesota Vikings (1-4) (LW: 32): Welcome to the winners club, Vikings! Christian Ponder should be starting, but Leslie Frazier apparently can't let that Donovan dream die. 

29. Arizona Cardinals (1-4) (LW: 25): Ugh. What to say about our beloved Cardinals? Not only were they bad in every phase of the game before, but now they are getting some injured starters. It's do or die against the Steelers after the bye week. 

30. Indianapolis Colts (0-5) (LW: 29): They allowed Jackie Battle to tear up their defense for 119 yards on the ground. Who is Jackie Battle you ask? I am not sure, but I think I got him in a starter pack on my Madden Ultimate Team one year. 

31. St. Louis Rams (0-4) (LW: 30): They had a bye this past week. Luckily for them, that may be the only week they don't lose. 

32. Miami Dolphins (0-4) (LW: 31): The last of the bye teams. Coincidentally, they are the last of all of the teams as well. Chad Henne is out for the season now and Matt Moore will be taking over. What a mess.