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NFL Week 5 Game Ball Of The Week, Cardinals/Vikings

After a game like the one we all had to deal with on Sunday, watching the Arizona Cardinals drop a deuce (not Lutui) on the field in Minnesota, it seems a tad ridiculous to give out a game ball. 

Nonetheless, we still do. Hit the jump to see the variety of players chosen by the writing team. 

Also, please leave your comment to agree/disagree with any of the picks we make. 

Jess Root:

My game ball goes to Early Doucet. He had eight catches for 92 yards and were it not for a penalty by Jeremy Bridges, he would have logged over 100 yards and would have had a touchdown. He was easily the most productive player on the team on Sunday.

Tyler Nickel:

Early Doucet gets my game ball. Even though he had a couple of drops during the game, he was the best of the worst. 8 catches for 92 yards and obviously Kolb's go to guy. Boy do I wish I could find someone that truly deserved this "award."


I give the game ball to the 12th man, for watching that game. There is no active player on the 53 that deserves it more.


Did anyone have a good game? I'll give it to Housler for making some big plays as a rookie. Too bad Kolb couldn't hit the giant TE with Flash speed in the endzone.

Joe Zuppa:

The best I can come up with to give a game ball to is newly signed punter Ben Graham. Out of five punts, two were inside the 20 and one was from the back of his end zone. I'm sorry for not being more creative than this but there want anything else to be excited about.


Ben Graham, for making us wonder why he was cut.


My game ball goes to A.J. Jefferson, he's really growing into his position and getting better game by game.

Runner-Up: Ben Graham. It was a welcome sight to see great kicks and the Card coverage team catching the ball at the opponents two yard line.


Two possible options for me to go with here, but I am going to go with Calais Campbell who was the only Cardinal to get any kind of consistent penetration in both the run and pass games, when the Vikings ran right or up the middle they found success, they avoided running at Campbell and when they did found nothing forthcoming. He gets in by a nose over AJ Jefferson, he looked very solid in coverage, and made a lot of plays in the running game for little to no gain at all.


I'm going with Ben Graham for how he had a couple of nice punts that were downed inside the 10 yard line.