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Beanie Wells Angry Run Is Power Play In Losing Effort

Thanks to a new series brought to you by Mini Coupe, we bring you a power play of the games that the Cardinals play. It ideally should be one that affected the outcome of the game. This week, that would have forced me to show Adrian Peterson mow over Patrick Peterson and drag him into the endzone.

Since that was too painful for me and I don't want to antagonize the readers, I picked a different play -- one that had every bit the power, but in the end did not help the outcome of the game.

The Cardinals at this point were down 28-3 and it looked pretty much hopeless that the Cardinals could come back. However, Beanie Wells decided to take out some frustration on the Minnesota defense. It happened to be Cedric Griffin that was the unfortunate soul that had to be in the way. 

Here is what happened -- as the announcer says, "That's 230 coming right into the grill of Cedric Griffin."

Even though it didn't end up bring more than just a nine-yard run in the second quarter, it was slightly more symbolic for me. 

Ever since Beanie came in to the league, pretty much everyone has wanted him to lower his pads and punish people, and the criticism is that he is not willing  to do that. In fact, his incredible stiff-arm could be seen as a way to avoid having to do that. 

However, ever since the first preseason game in which he got stuffed at the goalline on a play he should have dragged guys in to score, he has played like an angry runner. I can't remember another time when he just went after a defender like the one in Minnesota. 

It is a welcome sight. He has the size and the speed to avoid defenders and run them over. He finally is doing that. 

So, regardless of the effect on the outcome of the game, this why this play is the power play of the game.