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The Cardinals Lost On Sunday To The Vikings, But On The Bright Side...

So, yes, the Cardinals got killed by a team that isn't very good. That we know and hashed over quite a bit already. But like many coaches across all sports try to do with their players, as fans, to avoid complete and clinical depression, we ought to try to keep from letting the lows get to low. The converse is to keep the highs from feeling too high?


Well, simply put, so that we don't act like asses when the team is winning and so we don't feel like jumping off of cliffs after games like Sunday's.

As a way to keep us a little even, I offer an "on the bright side..." post after losses and a "we won, but..." post after victories. I will share my completions to the phrase and then invite you to do the same. As with game threads and caption contests, let's 'rec' the ones we like so they can be recognized nest week.

Hit the jump for mine:

We lost to the Vikings, but on the bright side...

1. We're still not the worst team in the NFC West

2. We can't lose this week.

See? It's not hard. I could list more, but I don't want to take away yours by accident.

Fire away!