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Beanie Wells: 'It's The Best Offensive Line Since I've Been Here'...What??

Arizona Cardinals starting running back is having his finest season so far in his NFL career. We have seen it. We have seen the 137 yards against the the New York Giants. We saw him almost make Cedric Griffin literally explode in his uniform this past Sunday. 

He was on the radio talking to Doug and Wolf on Arizona Sports 620, and he said at least one thing that should raise some eyebrows here in the community. Find out what he said.

As for his performance in his first two seasons as a Cardinal he said this:

"When you're a rookie, you come into the league uncertain of who you really are as a person and as a player. You're just going out there and playing like a chicken with your head cut off.

"Last year was a blur to me. I was injured and going through everything. Now I'm just more comfortable and running as such."

Nothing here is surprising. I agree with it all. In fact, the more we hear, the more I realize how much Wells was affected by his knee injury. It sounds that even though he was healthy, he was not convinced that his knee was good and it took him the offseason to trust it again.

One thing he said actually might explain why Ken Whisenhunt and Mike Miller seem so quick to go to the passing game. It has to do with Beanie's execution and shows that while he is doing very well, the offense's slow starts can be pinpointed in part at Beanie:

"At some points early in the game, I tend to miss a few holes and I think as the season goes on I'm going to hit those holes and there won't be yards left on the field."

This is the frustrating thing about Beanie. We want him to be an elite back, but he still is missing holes. I honestly don't know -- how often to the great backs miss a hole? Obviously he focuses better and sees holes better as the game goes on, but if the team has dug a hole already, he's not gong to get the opportunities. 

This is the crazy talk he threw in there. Don't fall off your chair. 

"It's (the 2011 offensive line) the best offensive line since I've been here. They're probably playing at their best since I've been there."

This either means that the past two years the players on the line were completely useless (maybe), or Beanie is delusional. On paper and by reputation, the line seems to be built in part for the running game. Both tackles are reputed with being great run blockers. The interior linemen, though, do not have that reputation. 

In fact, Levi Brown and Brandon Keith are not playing well in the running game. 

Between Brown and guard Daryn Colledge, the team averages 3.6 YPC. The running game only nets 3.2 YPC around Brown, though. Going around Brandon Keith, it is only 2.7 YPC. Between Keith and guard Rex Hadnot it is better -- 4.2 YPC.

Where do the Cardinals run best? Between Lyle Sendlein and Daryn Colledge up the middle -- 8.1 YPC. 

We know that the pass protection is horrific overall, but what do you think of Beanie's comment that the offensive line is the best he's seen here? Can he really be serious? The real question is -- did you fall on the floor when you read it? What is your take?