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Could The Arizona Cardinals Play In The AZ Hosted 2015 Super Bowl?

It came down to Tampa Bay and Glendale, but Arizona was selected by a very small margin to host the 2015 Super Bowl. That is awesome. It means money for the economy. The last one, according to Michael Bidwill, added more than $500 million to the local economy.

I remember when Sun Devil Stadium hosted it in 1996. It was my first year as a college student at ASU. I got two days off of class because they cancelled class the end of the week to allow for parking for the festivities.

But anyway, it is a good thing. What would be an even better thing would be to be able to play for the championship in front of a home crowd.

Jerry Jones badly wanted his Dallas Cowboys to make it to the Super Bowl that was played in Super Jerry Park. It didn't happen, so maybe Arizona could be the first team to make it to play in their stadium for the big game.

I know that it is way too early, but I wanted to throw a couple of questions out there for everyone to think about and give their thoughts.

We are going to shoot for the 2015 Super Bowl.

1. What has to happen on this team for this to happen, and

2. If it were to happen, what current players will be part of that team?

Fire away! Since everything gets archived, you may become our new ROTB prophet. And by new I mean first.