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Is There More Confidence In Or Pressure On Ken Whisenhunt?

The struggles this season and last are well documented, and except for some fans, head coach Ken Whisenhunt has not been questioned much regarding the job he is doing. Sure, here in the community there are a few that have actively suggested that he should be feeling a bit on the hot seat, but even Darren Urban, who works for the Cardinals, thinks that replacing the coaching staff is completely out of the question for the organization.

However, Michael Bidwill was on the radio on XTRA 910 with some comments that show both confidence that the coaching staff will get the work done and also that put pressure on the staff because of the moves teh front office has made for the staff.

You decide based on the comments whether it is more pressure than confidence, or whether one is stronger than the other at all.

Here are some of the quotes:

"We certainly felt like we addressed all the issues we needed to address, not only in the draft, but in free agency, and even got better."

I read this as saying that the moves were made to make the team better. Therefore, the team should be better.

"Having spent as much time with Ken since seeing him in the locker room after Minnesota and we spent a little bit of time later this afternoon on a better sense of where we are, there is no question in my mind Ken Whisenhunt will get this turned around."

That is the confidence the Bidwills have in Whiz.

On getting the team the quarterback they wanted:

"You've got to have great quarterback play to win and that is what the expectations are."

"He (Kevin Kolb) is not a guy who had a whole lot of game experience, but certainly our scouts and coaching staff felt like he was ready to take the next step. That is what I needed to feel good about signing him to the contract we signed him to."

"I think there has got to be a little bit of frustration at this point (Kolb's performance thus far),but at the same time, he is still the same guy that we scouted. He has got great football intangibles. He is football smart. He has a great release, a great arm. He can do it. We just have to get him comfortable in the scheme that we are in and comfortable in the offense."

Again, here is some pressure. He is saying that the coaching staff and scouts were sold on Kolb and that convinced management to make the move to trade for him and sign him long term. He is emphasizing the fact that it was the guy that the coaches wanted.

Then there is pressure added that the coaches need to help him be comfortable with what the team wants to do offensively.

Again, looking at the previous quote, he trusts Whiz and believes in him. I don't see anything of the dreaded "vote of confidence" that almost always is the prelude to a firing of a coach.

At the same time, Bidwill is placing the onus firmly on Whiz to get the team to be better because the personnel moves should have made them better.

What do you think? Comment below to give your thoughts. If you haven't, sign up so you can comment. Should we read more trust or more pressure from what Bidwill said? Is one being expressed more than the other?