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Arizona Cardinals AJ Jefferson Has Derek Anderson-Like Argument on Twitter

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Remember Derek Anderson? Yeah, he gave us a few nightmares and also a few funny memories. We of course have the Monday Night Football postgame blowup. We also have later on a late night (and probably drunk) argument on Twitter with a so-called fan. Again, lots of entertainment. 

There was another Arizona Cardinals player who was involved with, on Tuesday, another Twitter argument with a fan, albeit slightly different circumstances. It was starting cornerback A.J. Jefferson (@AriesEgo) and a Cardinals fan @I_JoshuaIsaac.

The whole thing started out when Jefferson asked a random question for his followers:

AJ: How many people can raise each eyebrow individually? Can u control your whole face? Lmao

Fan: Seriously? 1-4 and that's what you tweet? Listen to your QB. You are one of the weakest corners in the game right now. #rookie

AJ: Another hater. Smh do you really want to talk sh** to me? @I_JoshuaIsaac. 

AJ: @I_JoshuaIsaac n you need to check my f**kin stats before you get your feelings hurt. I tackle n I break up passes with the best. #b4islapu

Fan: @AriesEgo My point, if I performed like that at my job, you best bet my ass is fired.

AJ: @I_JoshuaIsaac wtf is your point. You don't make f**kin sense I led the team in tackles last game. Maybe you should get fired for trying to play football. You cant do what i do.

AJ: (to all his followers) As if I wasn't gonna say something... Y'all know me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ lmao

Fan: @mstoyababii @AriesEgo I have absoultely NOTHING personal against you, don't get me wrong. But after a truly stinging blowout...

AJ: @I_JoshuaIsaac so you wanna attack me for tweeting arandom thought I had? Gtfoh its personal when u mention me.

Fan: @AriesEgo You can take it personally. That's not my fault. Just know that I don't follow you to swing on your nuts. #Itiswhatitis #realtalk

Fan: @AriesEgo but after spending $1200 on season tickets, I don't exactly want to be asked If I can raise my eyebrows individually.

AJ: @I_JoshuaIsaac then don't follow me at all. If you don't like what I got to say. You don't have to see it. Its easy thing to unfollow me.

Fan: @AriesEgo I understand that. I could. But the reality is, Twitter is an open forum and you're a player on a team I follow ritually...

AJ: (To all) If you don't like me or what you read here. Click unfollow. It sounds simple don't it? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

AJ: @I_JoshuaIsaac you didn't have to respond. I wasn't talking to you. You don't know me. Just of me.

AJ: @I_JoshuaIsaac like I said if you can't raise your eyebrows or you dint like the question hit unfollow n you'll never see what I tweet.

AJ: @I_JoshuaIsaac you obviously lack some facial control. *raises both eyebrows* ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Fan: (to another fan) @mstoyababii @AriesEgo I agree with you 100%. I can say what I want as well. He didn't have to respond to my tweet either :)

AJ: @I_JoshuaIsaac I do respond when you direct it at me. You put (AriesEgo) in ur tweet. T or F. I respond to everyone. #yofault

While Jefferson obviously could have avoided the whole thing, he is right in this case. He is also telling the truth. He is one of the most accessible players on Twitter. He responds. 

Now, that is my take. In this case, rather than the DA situation, the fan is not bagging on AJ so much for how he plays (except for the one tweet). He is bagging on him for what he is putting on his Twitter timeline...which is definitely his business. 

Jefferson's personality is one such that he doesn't ignore stuff like that. It never had to escalate, but the fan was out of line. 

In my mind, even if Jefferson were doing as poorly at his job as Anderson was at his job last year, we as fans need to make sure that we communicate with these guys on Twitter respectfully. It doesn't need to become personal. They are still people with lives away from football. They are allowed to talk and think about stuff other than the game. We all have non-career thoughts. 

So -- whom do you side with and why? Comment away. Should AJ have responded at all? Do you like that he did and how he did? Where should we as fans draw the line when dealing with the athletes?