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Trio Of Arizona Cardinals Players 'Had A Bad Day' On Sunday

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The whole Arizona Cardinals team had a dreadful game in Minnesota last Sunday, but there were a few players that notably had a rough game. As they do every week, Pro Football Focus put together their "Had a bad day" list, compiling the players from each position with their lowest game grades for Week 5. 

Unfortunately, it wasn't just one player on the Cardinals that was pointed out -- it was three.

Who were they? See after the jump.

The first was Beanie Wells, who was just one game removed from his career day against the New York Giants. He got a game grade of -2.6 with this description:

Just 3 yards per carry and a fumble. Says it all really as Wells put in his worst rushing performance of the year.

He got the carries -- 20. He just was not terribly effective (sans the helmet popping hit on Cedric Grifin).

Next on the list was the community's punching bag -- left tackle Levi Brown at -6.4. PFF wrote this:

Brown had his typical terrible day against Jared Allen. Two sacks, a hit and five pressures. I wonder how Kevin Kolb feels knowing he has Brown protecting his blindside.

I think we kind of know that answer. Kolb's readiness to flee the pocket is a testament to the lack of trust.

The final guy from the Cardinals is a player that PFF has been high on this season. Outside linebacker Clark Haggans made the list with a score of -5.5.

Haggans' renaissance stopped abruptly against the Vikings when faced with the man mountain that is Phil Loadholt.

Haggans this season has yet to log a sack but has applied pressure on many plays and PFF has considered him their best pass rusher so far this season.

Tackle Jeremy Bridges could have made the squad, but at -5.9 was beaten out by Brown and Chicago Bears tackle Frank Omiyale

I can't argue with any of these guys being on the list. How about you? Should other Cardinals have been on here? Were the ratings unfair? As always, please leave your thoughts below in the comments.