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NFL Week 6 Schedule: What Will You Watch With The Cardinals On Bye?

With the Arizona Cardinals on their bye week, the feeling is bittersweet. There is no Cardinals football to watch, but based on the way they have played, the good thing is that there is no Cardinals football to watch. Here in the Phoenix area, there will be three games on TV other than the Sunday Night Football and Monday Night Football games.

There are two early games to watch here in Phoenix. Starting at 10AM AZ time we can see the Buffalo Bills at the New York Giants on CBS or the San Francisco 49ers at the Detroit Lions on FOX. The afternoon game is also on FOX. It is the Dallas Cowboys at the New England Patriots.

The Sunday Night game on NBC will be the Minnesota Vikings heading into Chicago to play the Bears.

The Monday Night Football game on ESPN will have the New York Jets hosting the Miami Dolphins.

Naturally, if you have NFL Sunday Ticket, you can watch any and all.

I imagine that the marquee game for us as Cardinals fans is the SF/Detroit game because the Niners have a comfortable lead in the division. We need them to lose. Plus, it is fun to root against the team that we collectively despise the most.

But you tell me. What game has the most interest for you? Can you even watch it on TV? Or are not planning on watching football with the Cards off?

Here is the whole schedule:

Early games (10 AM):

Afternoon games (1PM):

Sunday Night game (5:30PM):

Monday Night game (5:30PM)

  • Miami Dolphins at New York Jets