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Tweet, Tweet (10/15): Groupies, Tim Allen On MNF, Drugs, Rims

With the slow weekend for the Cardinals because of their bye week, I have time to share some of the the players' tweets, even though some have been missing. Jay Feely hasn't tweeted a single thing in almost a month. Darnell Dockett was MIA this last week. Adrian Wilson only got on to rant and hasn't been on since.

Last time you had a chance to vote for your favorite tweet, it was Alfonso Smith whose tweet you liked best, just edging out Mike Adams' and his. Here is the one you liked:

#OnlyinArizona u can drink water and Gatorade all day and still have yellow pee lol
Sep 30 via Twitter for iPhoneFavoriteRetweetReply

After the jump, see the nominees.

First up is Michael Adams, who apparently was approached by or simply saw some shady, scandalous women.

U think we don't know your a groupie? Uhhhhhh your NUTS trick!
Oct 08 via Twitter for iPhoneFavoriteRetweetReply

Next is Hamza Abdulluah, whose tweets we have not seen on here for a long time, commenting on Tim Allen's interview during the Monday Night Football broadcast.

Dear ESPN please give people a breathalyzer before you interview them. Signed America
Oct 10 via Twitter for iPhoneFavoriteRetweetReply

Next up is Kerry Rhodes, tweeting while under the influence of medicine.

Just out of surgery wateva cocktail the anesthesiologist gave me I'm feeling UBER nice!! I think it was a vodka on the rocks! Lol
Oct 14 via UberSocial for BlackBerryFavoriteRetweetReply

The last choice comes from John Skelton, who is being a smarty while responding to his teammate Alfonso Smith.

"@FonzoAZ46: Which rim should I choose?" be sure you buy four of whatever style you pick.
Oct 15 via Twitter for iPhoneFavoriteRetweetReply

Now, vote for the one you like best!