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Is Ken Whisenhunt's Demeanor What The Arizona Cardinals Need From Their Head Coach?

One thing that gets analyzed, among all the minutia the does, is how a coach interacts with his players and reacts to wins and losses. This was the topic of a Darren Urban article over on We know that Ken Whisenhunt is too fiery. He doesn't preach sermons like Herm Edwards can, neither is he like Tony Dungy.

Mike Ditka, Bill Parcells, among others have been the type to metaphorically light their hair on fire to get players motivated. Others are more analytical.

From the article, quoting Whiz:

"It doesn't do me any good to rant and rave because those (players) know I am upset," Whisenhunt said.

"Sometimes I do get a little bit more emotional about it and I did that after the (Minnesota) game just because our expectations haven't been met. But you know what? I think you have to be consistent in your approach to these guys because quite honestly, that's what they are looking for.

"They don't want someone who is up and down. Whether you are winning four games in a row or losing four games in a row, it can turn the next game. If you are always up and down you never have consistency and what we are striving to be? A team that is consistent."

On the other hand, we know full well that the NFL is full of guys who respond well to the anger. It is what got their attention in high school and in college.

For the fans, a guy like Whisenhunt is never going to give us fun postgame press conferences. There will be no Denny Green "The Bears are who we thought they were!" or Dan Hawkins "It's Division 1 football! It's the Big 12!" About the most emotion we will get from Whiz is what he said the other day:

"We are striving to be close and have a chance to win them all, and if we do a better job of finishing those games out, then we have become more consistent team and we are more successful," Whisenhunt said. "Am I angry? You're damn right I am angry. Am I upset? Yes. Because I know what kind of team we can be and I am frustrated for our fans we haven't done that."

I personally like the problem solving approach and the mentality that people are professionals, you give them their expectations and you don't treat them like your kids when you are upset. However, I can see how the rant when the job doesn't get done after the first couple of attempts of opportunities.

Whiz' demeanor worked great leading up to and through the Cardinals' playoff runs. However, with last year's season having the wheels fall off and this season apparently seeing the wheels get really unsteady, is it the right way to go about it?

What are your thoughts? Would you prefer to see Ken Whisenhunt throwing things and screaming and yelling? Or is his even-keeled way of doing things the way to go for this team? Which would you personally respond better to?