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NFL Week 6 Early Game Open Thread

For the early 10AM Arizona time games FOX is airing the San Francisco 49ers at Detriot Lions game. That is likely the game we will mostly be paying attention to. Cardinals fans love to watch the 49ers lose. This time, we need the, to lose so Arizona does not fall further back in the division.

The other game is the Buffalo Bills at the New York Giants. Just the matchup we want -- a rematch of Super Bowl XXV. Heck, Phil Simms, who was on that Giants team, is on the broadcast team. Whichever game you are watching, we hope you can jump in as you normally would on a Sunday and share with the community, making this the virtual sports bar (without the food, beverages or hopefully attractive servers) we all handout in.

Typical open thread rules remain the same. Please try to avoid profanities, but it isn't the end of the world here.