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NFL Week 6 Afternoon Game Open Thread: Dallas Cowboys Vs. New England Patriots

With the "important" game out of the way between the San Francisco 49ers and the Detroit Lions out of the way and hopefully with the Niners on the losing end, we now can turn our attention to the other marquee game on FOX we will all be watching. It will be "America's Team" (yes, we still mean the Dallas Cowboys) against the New England Patriots (Americans' name).

It has Tony Romo against Tom Brady. On the broadcast team will be Troy Aikman, the uber-successful former Cowboys quarterback. I'm not sure which he will be more biased towards. Will he favor the Cowboys in his comments or will it be the QB play of Tom Brady, aka God. 

As with the earlier game, we'd like this open thread to be the stopping place for you to chat with other fans hanging out. Again -- it is our virtual bar. 

Do you need me to explain open thread etiquette? Probably not, so let's leave it at that. Enjoy the game!