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NFL Week 6, Sunday Night Football Open Thread: Jay Cutler Will Attempt To Avoid Death By Jared Allen

In the final game of the night without the Arizona Cardinals, we have yet one more open thread. I know JoeCB1991 will be watching because he practices sports bigamy and roots for the Chicago Bears. The Minnesota Vikings go to Chicago to try and follow up their first victory of the season (a 31-10 drubbing of the Cardinals) and turn it into an actual winning streak. 

They will have a tall task against a Bears team that will play well at home. Plus, they actually have a quarterback -- Jay Cutler. At this point, the only people who don't already realize that Donovan McNabb is really dead and shouldn't be putting on shoulder pads to play football are McNabb himself and Vikings coach Leslie Frazier.

Minnesota has a super pass rush in Jared Allen and Brian Robison, while the Bears like to make Jay Cutler work for his contract by making it hard for him to throw the ball with time. They like him getting sacked. And amazingly enough, he still makes some great throws. 

If you are still watching football or jumping on for the first time today, come hang out with us. Would would love the company. If anything else, we can make fun of Cutler. 

It's a game thread -- you know what to do and what not to do.