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What Do You Think Of Jim Harbaugh/Jim Schwartz Postgame (Almost) Fight

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With the Arizona Cardinals on their bye, we were forced to watch rival San Francisco 49ers put together a game-winning drive capped by a fourth down touchdown to improve to 5-1 and knock off the previously unbeaten Detroit Lions. However, the result of that was seeing the postgame melee that happened between 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh and Lions coach Jim Schwartz.

If you haven't yet seen it, check out the post and video posted on SB Nation NFL. It really is a bizarre sequence of events.

I know it isn't really Cardinals news at all, but I thought it went as a solid follow-up with the question about Ken Whisenhunt and whether his demeanor as a coach is what the team needs.

Schwartz seems to have gotten upset about something Harbaugh said to him during handshake time. He indicated there were some profanities. From what the camera showed, I got this:

1. Harbaugh goes crazy after win, then finds Schwartz to shake his hand.

2. Harbaugh shakes hands with Schwartz and exuberantly smacks his back.

3. Schwartz is annoyed and, on camera, you can see him say "WTF?" in word form, looking back at Harbaugh.

4. Harbaugh says something back to Schwartz as he walks away, Schwartz follows angrily and that is where the ruckus begins.

If what Schwartz says is true about the profanities, I think it happened after Schwartz expressed displeasure with Harbaugh for the smack on the back. It could have been during the handshake, but you can't tell from the camera and Schwartz gets most upset as a reaction to something Harbaugh said after Schwartz' 'WTF'.

Now...for the real question. Obviously I think we know that Ken Whisenhunt would neither react in a way that would upset a fellow coach, nor would he go crazy like Schwartz did. What do you think? Do you like to see your team's head coach jumping up and down like a fan after a win? Do you also like the way Schwartz reacted when he felt disrespected?

I personally have no real issue with the celebration of Harbaugh. If he said something snide or disrespectful to Schwartz during or after the handshake, then I feel it is out of line. Schwartz, though, was in the wrong.

If you as a coach want your players to keep their cool during a game so not to be penalized, you have to exhibit that same control.

But please tell us all what you think of the situation. Would you like to see Whiz reacting like either coach? What are the odds he would ever even do that?