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ROTB Fantasy Football Update: How Is Your Team Doing?

Six weeks into the season, we can probably get a feel for who is doing a good job at managing their fantasy teams. Since we set up two leagues through Yahoo, and maybe a third (I don't have the link to that one), I thought it would be a good idea to check in and see how everyone is doing. 

Over in the first ROTB league, we use a lot of point bonuses for yardage and big plays, etc.. Therefore, point totals are high. With the Monday Night Football  game still yet to be played, there might be a few changes, but the outcomes look pretty set. 

There is one undefeated team, at 6-0. After I beat the other undefeated team (crossing my fingers for no Plaxico Burress huge game), there will be a 5-1 team. My team has been up add down, but will likely be 3-3. Tyler got hist first win of the season. He is tied at the bottom, instead of being alone. 

Over in the other league, the records will range from 5-1 to 0-6. 

I noticed a couple of people not managing their rosters all that well. One user had at least a half-dozen players on a bye. That's a no-no. 

Let us know who have been your fantasy successes. I have had great play from Mike Wallace, Jahvid Best and A.J. Green. Malcolm Floyd has given me nothing except for last week. Oh, yeah, Darren McFadden has been really good for me as well. 

I feel especially good because I didn't draft the team myself. It was picked for me. 

Are you still paying attention to your team? How is the team doing? Any bold predictions or smack talk to share?

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