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Watching NFL On Cardinals' Bye: What Was Best Part Of Day

Since the Cardinals didn't play, actual Cardinals news is a little slow. However, the week of football was kind of weird. Since I figured that most of us, or at least many of us, watched a healthy amount of football on Sunday. There were a lot of big and surprising things. 

For you, which one was the best part of your football Sunday?

1. Was it the St. Louis Rams staying winless?

2. Was it watching Tom Brady work his magic in another final minute drive for a victory?

3. Was it seeing the 49ers post a hug win, getting clutch play from Alex Smith?

4. Was it the strange postgame exchange and then almost brawl that almost ensued following the 49ers victory over the Detroit Lions?

5. Was it seeing the Buccaneers knock off the Saints after getting blown out in Week 5 by the Niners?

6. Was it seeing crazy Rex Grossman make an appearance in Washington, throwing four picks and only nine completions?

7. Was it watching Devin Hester on special teams?

What was the highlight of Sunday for you any why?