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Should NFL Players Not Be Allowed To Use Twitter?

After the Derek Anderson late night Twtter tirade of a year ago, he eventually deleted his account. Jay Feely is on Twitter silence until the Cardinals win again. Darnell Dockett is known to tweet some strange things and sometimes make himself look like a buffoon. 

More recently, it was cornerback A.J. Jefferson who had an exchange with a fan about the random things he tweets to interact with his fanbase.

The exchange provoked this comment from Drullin'OverDaCards::

If I was the owner or coach, I think I would ban player tweeting during the season.

Its just too distracting.

He also commented this:

Not a twitter expert - but doesn't most dirt or controversial stuff by celebrities get retweeted to others and ultimately make into into mainstream media

How does the NFL make $$$ from tweeting? I don't think it does, so why allow it - seems to be causing problems, so if its not generating revenue they will do something with it. Sooner or later you will see a player get suspended for inappropriate tweeting - racial slurs, slams on women, bitching about the officiating or something. Then teams will ban it during the season.

I personally disagree with the idea of keeping players from tweeting during the week. Players can tweet dumb things, but that is their right. Plus, as we have learned, it is a great way to connect with fans. I have been able to have questions responded to by all sorts of players. It offers fans a glimpse into the players' lives. 

But then again, I love Twitter. 

What do you think? Should players be allowed to have personal Twitter accounts and should they be able to tweet whatever they want? If you were a head coach, would you ban it?

Leave your comments below.