An "interesting conversation" with a Cardinals FO insider

Besides ROTB, I usually lurk around another AZ Cardinals forum whose moderator claims to be good friends with a high ranking Cardinals FO employee. He usually has some interesting conversations with him about what's going on inside the organization. We had fellow by the username of chg91 post some of his convos before, here's his latest:



1. First off, the hot seat for Whiz. Cardsfan7 submitted this question but it's been a popular topic here for everybody. How hot is that seat? He actually thought about it for a while and then answered, "Not as hot as everyone thinks but hotter than you(stchamp98) think it is". Ok, what's that mean? "Mikey(Bidwill) knows what our guys are up against with all the turnover and the lockout. He's willing to see it through but he doesn't like the losing. He hates the losing. And if we don't sell out on Sundays..." and he purposely trailed it off like that. Probably not the answer fans want to hear, that Whiz's job at this point in time is in some way, in any way, tied to our gate receipts but this is a business. We can't put a quality product on the field without money coming in. It makes sense to me but I know nobody will like it. 

2. Another one that you guys won't like: I didn't ask about possible Whiz replacements as it makes no sense to do so right now but my buddy took it upon himself to say that Russ Grimm would be near the top of the list to replace Whiz if the time came that he were fired. His exact words, "If Russ wanted it, he'd probably have it. Mikey hangs on his every word". Bash away. 

3. Next, I asked about Levi. Younngun1273 submitted the question about his roster bonus and what his status was going forward. My buddies response was, after he laughed for a good minute, "Rod will give me that 10 million before he gives it to Levi Brown." It's actually something like 12 million and realistically I think we all knew he wouldn't ever see that money. If Antrel Rolle didn't see it, Levi never stood a chance. I pressed on, is this the end of the Levi Brown saga? "I don't know. I think it would be best for both of us if we went our seperate ways. But no way in hell does he see that 10 million". Not much help on that one. 

4. Asked about Kolb. Any chance we make a switch this season. He just flat said, "No" and nothing else. I kind of looked at him for a second hoping he'd go off on a good drunk rant but he didn't. Just, "No". Asked about the Kolb trade negotiations, the question Love submitted and got the drunk rant I wanted. "Rod played that well". LOL, oh really? Because that's not how everyone, myself included, thought that went down. How exactly did Rod "play that well"? "Philly calls with a proposal, Rod doesn't say much, just thank you. Hangs up and calls Denver". I stopped him to get some info, what was Philly originally asking? "I don't know" was his answer. I repeated what Dez reported from Jurecki, that it was a 1st and Daryl Washington. He said again, in a ticked off tone, "I don't know". Alright, scratch that one. Go on. "He calls Denver, gets Elway and makes a deal for Orton. I was there for this. I don't know what it was(directed at me) but Rod said it was done. Said all we had to do was talk numbers with Orton's guys. Few minutes later, phone rings, it's Philly. They've 'reconsidered their position' and lower their offer. Rod says thanks hangs up and calls Denver back. I left the room, I don't know what was said, but I heard later that it was a long call. Hour or so goes by and Rod calls me back in with a few other guys. We go in, there's a hundred people there. We're elbow to elbow in this huge office. Rod just says, 'Congratulations everybody, we've got our quarterback'. That was it. We exchanged numbers with Kolb's guys a few minutes later and it was done, just like that(He snapped his fingers). No long, drawn out talks like the people in the media said, just like that. We did a few hand shakes, then we all went back to work". All of us sitting there listening kinda just said, "huh" and that was it. 

5. Great exchange here, one for the ages. Couple people asked about tackles, why we didn't put an emphasis on it. My buddy: "Russ wanted a guy but got out voted." I told him I found that hard to believe with how much Grimm is beloved within the organization but he assured me it was true. Here's where the fun began. Who did Grimm want I asked "Someone in the draft. Loved him". Yeah, who? He tried to play coy again, "Wouldn't you like to know?" I stopped, took a big deep breath and said, "Let me guess, Jah Reid". He had his beer to lips and just stopped. "Where do you hear that? Mike Jurecki?". I laughed a good 5 minutes. What a moron, I heard it from him! He texted me during the combine that Grimm was really watching Reid hard and that he loved his interview, this and that. I told him and he just said, "Ah *bleep*". I asked him for more, what happened on draft day that Grimm got out voted?. His response, "I wasn't in the room, I heard this from another guy. He said the guy's(Reid) sitting there at 69 and Russ is just jumping, 'Get me Reid, get me Reid' but Whiz wanted a tight end so bad after last year and we had a dozen draft guys telling us Rob Housler wouldn't be there when we picked in the 4th round that we went with him instead. Then Baltimore takes him later in the round and Russ is just beside himself". Very interesting. My buddy did make a point of saying that Grimm probably wouldn't have made a move from Levi or Keith this season but still, it's interesting. Asked about any possible free agents. His answer, "Nobody Russ liked was in shape". Few names come to mind there. Max Starks and Bryant McKinnie but he said he didn't know of anyone in particular. I'm assuming Starks was one of them though. Matter of fact, I'd bet good money on it. 

6. Asked about Toler, whether he was gonna start, buddy said yes. When I asked who replaced him he said, "Patrick". Pretty cut and dry there. He did say that Whiz personally endorsed AJ Jefferson to Ray Horton before the season started, which I found interesting. "Ken loves him" were my buddies exact words. Really interesting. 

7. Asked about Ryan Williams and he stopped my sentence with this, "That keeps Ken up at night. I've heard that from the people closest to him. The losing keeps him up, everyone knows that but I was told out right that Ryan's injury keeps Ken up at night". Wow. That's a lot of sleep to lose over a 2nd round pick. "Ken loves him to death. He's made a big impression on a lot of people. We're crossing our fingers..." and as before, he just trailed it off. I asked if he knew how the rehab was going(Williams has said a few times on twitter that he's ahead of schedule). He said he didn't but that Whiz was, and I quote, "Praying like hell". 

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