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NFL Week 4, New York Giants At Arizona Cardinals Open Thread

After a 1-2 start to the 2011 NFL season, the Arizona Cardinals hope some home cooking can remedy their struggles on the road. Eli Manning and the New York Giants come to town, coming off their victory over the Philadelphia Eagles and Michael Vick last week.

Will Kevin Kolb bounce back from throwing an interception in the final drive last week and recover playing well at home? Will the Cardinals run the ball more and have success? Will Chester Taylor even see the field? Can Larry Fitzgerald have a big game? Will Antrel Rolle have his post-TD back flip?

Join us in the conversation as we watch the game, wherever you may be.

As a reminder, game threads are more lax with the language, but we ought to note we are a community that does not attack other members.

If you see a comment you feel is inapropriate, 'flag it.'

If you like someone's comment, please 'recommend' it, using the "action" link. One post on Monday will highlight the best/funniest comments of the game.

But above all, enjoy the rest of the game and GO CARDINALS!