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5 Things To Watch For In Arizona Cardinals Game Vs. New York Giants

As the Arizona Cardinals are set to play this afternoon against the New York Giants, there will be a lot riding on this game. If Arizona falls to 1-3, it will essentially force them to have to win their next two games -- a road contest against the Minnesota Vikings and a home game against the Super Bowl runner-ups Pittsburgh Steelers. As much as people say that the NFC west is a weak division, 1-3 would be a tough hole to crawl out of.

So as you watch the game, keep your eyes on these five things.

1. Can Calais Campbell follow up his career game against the Seahawks with another solid performance?

Campbell had a career game last week, logging 10 tackes (five unassisted) and 2.5 sacks of Tarvaris Jackson. Eli Manning has been sacked 10 times this year. That could be a beautiful combination. 

2. Can Kevin Kolb bounce back from a multi-INT game?

. The past two weeks had the theme of having a chance to win the game in a final drive, only to have a turnover happen. See if he can continue to shine statistically, but also when it counts the most?

3. Will Beanie Wells play and if so, can he continue is strong, successful running?

At 5.7 YPC, Beanie is having a fine start to his year. He has been running hard and taking on tacklers in addition his great stiffarm and his speed. 

4. Will the playcalling be more balanced?

Cardinals fans have been hoping for t his for a while. Yes, the NFL is a passing league, but Arizona is among the league's worst in attendance. Will Ken Whisenhunt finally trust the running game enough to help protect Kevin Kolb and open up the passing game even a little more than its cuirrent state.

5. Will the New York defensive line get consistent pressure on Kolb?

The Giants might have a full house of defensive linemen. Osi Omenyiora looks like he will play. Add him to Justin Tuck and Jason Paul-Pierre, and that will be a formidable group of guys to keep off of Kolb. We all know the troubles that the offensive line has had in allowing guys to pressure Kolb. Will this be more of the same or will things work out that Kolb gets time to throw?