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Beanie Wells, Osi Omenyiora Active For Cardinals/Giants, Justin Tuck Not Active

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As kickoff is just an hour away for the the New York Giants and Arizona Cardinals, the inactive lists are out, and there really are not any surprises. The Cardinals have a full set of running backs again, while the Giants are going to be a little short handed in their talented pass rush. Beanie Wells is active and will start for the Cardinals, while Justin Tuck is inactive for New York, but Osi Umenyiora returns to the lineup.

Complete list after the jump...

Cardinals inactives:


  • WR Chansi Stuckey
  • QB John Skelton
  • CB Korey Lindsey
  • TE Jim Dray
  • WR Stephen Williams
  • DE Ronald Talley


Giants inactives:


  • DE Justin Tuck
  • WR Brandon Stokely (and his package)
  • CB Prince Amukamara
  • RB Da'Rel Scott
  • G Mitch Petrus
  • WR Michael Clayton
  • T James Brewer


As for how the game will be affected, it should be noted that the Cardinals have all four RBs active and only four WRs active. I suppose this is just as insurance should Beanie or LaRod Stephens-Howling have any issues in their return. You could also read in this as a possibility that the Cardinals will likely run more. 

I wouldn't go that far. It could limit the spread sets, but not necessarily so because in four wide sets, the Cardinals do frequently line up TE Todd Heap or TE Robert Housler as a receiver. 

The fact that Tuck is inactive is good news for Arizona, but as many fans have noted over at Big Blue View, Jason Pierre-Paul is quite talented. Plus, Osi is back, although how effective he will be or how many snaps he will play is uncertain after being out with his knee injury.

The game is coming up -- join in the conversation with thegame thread.