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Arizona Cardinals Front Office Insider: Ken Whisenhunt's Job Tied In Part To Attendance

By now you may have gone through the FanPost that shares a conversation that a guy from shared on the forum, as he got together with his old buddy who works in the Cardinals front office. One of the things he asked his friend about was the coaching situation with the Cardinals. Is Ken Whisenhunt really under fire this season?

The answer may or may not surprise you.

Said the front office guy: 

"Mikey(Bidwill) knows what our guys are up against with all the turnover and the lockout. He's willing to see it through but he doesn't like the losing. He hates the losing. And if we don't sell out on Sundays..."

So...Michael Bidwill sounds like his father, but with a desire of winning. That's good. 

However, the one thing that stood out to me was the comment on selling out. 

What I got from the comment is that if the Cardinals continue to sell out the stadium, Whiz is in good shape, no matter how bad the team may be. That sounds an awful like a typical Bidwill way of doing things. 

I also read a bit into it to say that if the team was dong okay and the fans are not paying attention that Whiz could be let go. Naturally, that would be expensive on the Cardinals' side of things. Whisenhunt is signed through 2013. 

It would seem that the gate receipts being used a measuring stick for Whisenhunt's performance has a lot of Bidwill in it. The family long has had the reputation of being cheap. At least Michael hates losing. 

Another interesting fact is this -- about who could possibly replace Whiz.:

"If Russ (Grimm) wanted it, he'd probably have it. Mikey hangs on his every word."

Again, by Mikey, he means Michael Bidwill. 

Do you believe what this insider guy is saying? I have no reason to disbelieve. Would the team use gameday attendance as one of the criteria of whether to keep the head coach or not? Should they? What about the comment on Grimm?

I personally just can't see a change unless things get really ugly. We know that Whiz has the support of his biggest stars. Larry Fitzgerald, Adrian Wilson and Darnell Dockett love him. From all we have seen, the front office likes him, as evidenced by the fact that the team is getting guys that Whiz wants. 

I think the only time the team is going to look at letting him go is only after next season if the poor results continue. That way the team would only be eating one year. 

But now I give the floor and the word to you all in the community. 

Does Whiz have any heat at all?