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Cardinals Vs. Steelers: Talking To Steel Curtain Radio

With the Arizona Cardinals hosting the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday at University of Phoenix Stadium, the opportunities arise to discuss the team and matchups with publications and broadcasts/podcasts. I was able to represent Revenge of the Birds once again in such an opportunity and talk to Steel Curtain Radio. 

To be honest, khodder did most of the heavy hitting here. It was his Cardinals Metrics post that got this guy to find us. So, as always, a big shoutout to him for his statistical breakdowns.

Hit the jump for the audio/

My segment begins at about the 10-minute mark.

We talk about the Cardinals rankings, which matchups look like will be favorable for the Cardinals and which ones will be more for the Steelers. Both of us seem to agree that with the injuries that Pittsburgh is suffering from will lead to another close game. He actually predicts a Cardinals victory (*gasp*). I'm not so sure, especially if it comes down to the end. The Cardinals have not yet shown they can close while Ben Roethlisberger is a master at the big play at the end of games. 

Listen on...if you are on a device that cannot load the player applet, use this direct link.