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Why The Arizona Cardinals will beat the Pittsburgh Steelers

It was May 8th, 2001 and I was at my first Diamondbacks baseball game ever. My brother, my dad and myself bought tickets that placed us right behind the home dugout, 17 rows up and in perfect view of all the action. We preceded to watch Randy Johnson strike out 20 Cincinnati Reds on a dominating performance.

In 2003, week 17 of NFL action the Minnesota Vikings were in town and needed a win over the 3-12 Cardinals to advance to the playoffs. It was also my first Cardinals game ever. The Cardinals went on to win 18-17 with Josh McCown at the reins.

The games above were the beginning of a wonderful trend for me and my sporting experience. Every professional sports game I have ever attended, my team has won. Including away games, like when I was at Staples Center watching the Suns play the Lakers. They walked out with a big one that night.

I have also been to dozens of games, especially this season since I have moved back from California and I still haven't seen the my team lose when I attend the game. Tomorrow I predict a win because I will be attending the Steelers @ Cardinals.

With this post I am finally putting my illustrious record of being undefeated on the line. I could be completely jinxing myself, or I could be setting myself up for another epic win and tons of bragging rights.

Look for me, I will be the lone white Beanie Wells jersey in a sea of Steelers jerseys. Of the seven people I am going to the game with, only one other is a Cardinals fan. I cannot wait to see their faces when they lose to the "lowly" Arizona Cardinals.