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Cardinals Vs Steelers Open Thread (Cont)

It is halftime now, and the Cardinals are down 17-7 against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Cardinals run defense has played well, but Ben Roethlisberger has thrown two touchdowns, including a 95 yarder to Mike Wallace. They also added a field goal during the two minute drill to end the half.

Meanwhile, Kevin Kolb has struggled, he threw an interception on a tipped pass during the first possession, for the game he is 9 of 17 for 121 and a Pick. Beanie Wells also had to go to the locker room with a knee sprain he suffered on a play where he was in pass protection.

Lets hope the Cards can get it going now.

As a reminder, game threads are more lax with the language, but we ought to note we are a community that does not attack other members.
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But above all, enjoy the rest of the game and GO CARDINALS!