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Arizona Cardinals lose again vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers, 32-20

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That's where the Arizona Cardinals sit after Week 7 of the NFL.  What a season it's been.  What an awful season.  

Today's game vs. the Steelers was no different than every game this season minus the opener, as the Cardinals were blown out by the Steelers at University of Phoenix Stadium in front of a sold-out home crowd that, at times, looked like a Steelers home crowd.

Hit the jump for details from yet another forgettable game.

Kevin Kolb did little to silence his critics today as he went 18-34, with 272 yards, 2 TD's, and an INT.  That may not sound bad, but one of the TD's came at the end of the game, during the "garbage stats" period.  Kolb's 2 TD's came from a 73 yard pass to Larod Stephens-Howling, and a 2 yard pass to Early Doucet.  Other than that, the only other TD came from a 2 yard rush by Alphonso Smith.  

The Defense was able to shut down Rashard Mendenhall and the Steelers run-game throughout the day, but failed to do the same vs. Ben Rothlisberger and the Steelers passing-game.  Rothlisberger threw for 361 yards vs. the Defense, with 3 TD's, no interceptions, and 26 1st Downs.

The time of possession for the Cards was 24:08, vs. 35:52 for the Steelers.  They had 23 1st Downs, 4 punts, and 9 penalties, which resulted in 67 yards for the Steelers.

Next week, the Cardinals travel to Baltimore to take on Ray Lewis and the Ravens.  This is another tough game as the Cards continue to take on the hard part of their schedule.  Facing the possibility of dropping to 1-6 next week, we can all agree that at this point, the season is looking like it's over already.

Hockey, anyone?