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Arizona Cardinals/Pittsburgh Steelers Postgame Analysis

And the L bus once again drives the Arizona Cardinals home from a Sunday of football. In a game that was not their worst, the birds did manage some good things. But those weren't enough to keep them from sporting a 1 - 5 record. 

Hit the jump to hear with the players and coaches had to say about their performance today.

Again we start at the top. Mental errors of a team are on the coaching staff, and the Cards had numerous penalties that allowed the Pittsburgh Steelers to keep the ball. Coach Ken Whisenhunt said, "I'm really upset that we can't make enough plays to change an outcome of a game." He also added, "We are not going to give up."

Cheers to that! (Really, I've been drinking to that prospect all day.) If 1 - 5 is your idea of trying, perhaps it's time to find a new Sensei. 

While the run D was solid, Ben Roethlisberger exposed the secondary for over 300 YDS and 3 TDs. Rashad Johnson lamented their play. "It was on us, which is the way you want it to be. We didn't do what we wanted to do."

On the offensive side, the dancing Kevin Kolb was again on display. And for the record, it's a bad thing if the only thing between the QB and a rushing OLB is field. He gave up a sack in the end zone. He was intercepted. And he offered up these words, 'You just have to be mentally tough. That's all you can do. You have to know you're doing it right and get a little extra inch." I'm not sure what that means. But after today, sure, why not. Kolb capped that bit with, "What choice do you have? There is no simple answer."

At this juncture, there Cards are a franchise with glaring weaknesses. Despite that, Larry Fitzgerald said, "We're not going to allow any losses to affect us, or adversity to make us separate or splinter. We've got to stick together."

And with all that being said, Kevin Kolb leaves us with the last words. "I feel we got  lot better this week, but not good enough to win. That's not good enough at this level."


Catch you next week when the Cards go back east to ruffles feathers with the Baltimore Ravens.