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Arizona Cardinals Game Ball Vs. Steelers

It seems like a weekly occurrence that it seems silly to give a game ball. But not everyone on the team was terrible -- just much of the team. Adrian Wilson unretired to make some plays (wait, he wasn't retired?), LaRod Stephens-Howling scored a touchdown, Daryl Washington was pretty much everywhere, and Patrick Peterson more or less neutralized Mike Wallace. But after the jump are our choices for the game ball.

Jess Root:

Although Daryl Washington was nails on defense, my game ball goes to LaRod Stephens-Howling. His catch and run for a touchdown gave the team momentum and fans hope that the Cards could come back and win. It was exactly the type of play that shows that he should be utilized more in that sort of setting.

Joe Zuppa:

Darryl Washington.... Only consistent player

Tyler Nickel:

My game ball goes to Daryl Washington. He was the best weapon the Cardinals had against the run and when the Steelers passed the ball, Washington was always seen hustling to get in on the tackle. He was our most consistent player yesterday, so he gets the award.


I want to go with Daryl Washington for how he continued to play well this season, but I have to give it to LaRod Stephens-Howling for giving me the only play where I really felt happy during the game with his 73 yard score. The Cardinals have to get this guy the ball more often, and with the NFL trying to legislate kickoffs out of the game, I'd like to see more pass plays designed for him, and more running plays designed to get him the ball in space instead of slamming him up the middle out of power formations into big defensive tackles.


I'm torn once again. I could give to to Alfonso Smith for picking up his first professional TD. Stephens-Howling and his catch and run towards the end zone was also impressive. Early Doucet had a score, and has been quietly contributing weekly. Daryl Washington continues to prove his draft selection as a great choice, knifing into the backfield and stuffing runs for lost.

Based on all that, I nominate Daryl Washington for the game ball of the week.


I'm giving my gameball to Calais Campbell. He continued to earn double teams and holding from the offensive line, which was never called! I saw Washington giving it his all, and Larry making plays even in triple coverage, but I have to give the gameball nomination to the only player who consistently disrupts protection and gives the QB a reason to role right, and ultimately toward Clark Haggans.


Another game where nobody really deserves the gameball, but I'm going to give it to O'Brien Schofield, who got himself playing time, and even a sack.


I am going to go ahead and give my gameball to the rookie Sam Acho. He came on for spurts of playing time and for once helped the Cardinals create some consistent pressue, as he gains more practice time and off field learning he should continue to see his playing time increase.


Now you tell us what you think.