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Talking Cardinals Vs. Steelers Aftermath: Steelers Host Eats Crow

This is my angry face...
This is my angry face...

After the Arizona Cardinals lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers 32-30 on Sunday, I had the opportunity to return to Steel Curtain radio and talk about the game. It is important to note that he, a Steelers guy, predicted a Cardinals victory. We went over what happened during the game, what surprised me, some statistics and how Mike Wallace's play plus the numbers allowed to Antonio Brown and Emanuelle Sanders was just too much. 

The segment is after the jump.

I gave my thoughts on the Kolb safety and wondered where in the world Darnell Dockett was during the game and why there wasn't more running straight up the middle (especially since that is where the team has run the ball with the most success this year.

Use the applet below to play. I am at about the 11 minute mark. If you cannot load the applet, use thedirect link to listen.