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Beanie Wells Knee Injury: Lack Of Specifics Raises Red Flags

When Beanie Wells came out of the game on Sunday and teammates tweeted that fans should pray for him and his family, I will admit that I thought he was done for the year. Apparently, this was a shared concern on the team, as coach Ken Whisenhunt expressed the same concern. However, the good news was that surgery was no necessary. 

On Monday, conflicting information was reported. An NFL Network report stated that Beanie has a bone bruise, but both Beanie and Whisenhunt refuted that as incorrect information. Wells indicated that his knee "locked up" and that there was swelling. 

Whiz was pretty cryptic about the information in his Monday press conference, not wanting to give a timetable for Beanie's return, nor explain what was up exactly with the knee. 

I know that teams in the NFL are really guarded about injury information, generally only disclosing the absolute minimum. But this smells funny to me -- I don't know why.

Maybe it is because of last season when Beanie had knee surgery and it wasn't reported until some time after the procedure. 

What worries me is the lack of a timetable. the NFL Network report claimed that he would be out one to two weeks. Whiz didn't want "to set him (Beanie) up for failure" by putting a particular timetable on his return. 

This tells me one of three things. One is they really don't know how serious it is (I doubt it). Another is that it is more serious than they are letting on. Yet another is that it is not serious, but the organization knows that Beanie doesn't recover quickly -- for whatever reason -- and they don't want to further the notion that Wells is not tough enough and is tentative when playing hurt.

In any case, I don't expect Beanie back any time soon and I don't expect the same Beanie to be back when he does. Last season, even with his knee being healthy, was not the same runner as his rookie year.

How exactly the Cardinals intend on handling the running game for the games to come has yet to be seen, but unless Whiz shows more trust in Alfonso Smith to run him the way he runs Beanie, the passing game becomes ever so much more important. Considering the recent struggles with pass protection this season, things coudl be headed for some really ugly times offensively.

Cards fans, am I off base with my worries? Beanie is one of my favorite players, but he has done nothing in his career to shake the reputation he had coming out of college. Are you just as concerned as I am? I'd like to know.