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Arizona Cardinals Patrick Peterson Has Twitter Argument

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Getty Images

We have previously had Derek Anderson's argument with a fan over Twitter (it seems like DA deleted his account as well), and recently A.J. Jefferson had an argument and Hamza Abdullah criticized some of the fans over their Twitter pages. Now, Patrick Peterson (@ThE_rEaL_P2) has joined in on the fun.

A few fans took to Twitter to go after him following the loss to the Steelers much like what happened with Jefferson after the Vikings game, here is a little look at what was said.

The first person

Fan: you f***ing suck! What a loser! Im bringin butter to the next game cause youre always getting toasted

PP: When happen to me. Please tell me.

Second person

Fan: your getting burnt every game. You should return your paycheck when you get it.

PP: Just make sure yu get facts together before yu ever come at me with some BS cool.

Fan: Steve smith and haleem nick is all I have to say.

PP: that's when I was a rookie and that's all I have to say.

Fan: oh sorry I didnt know 6 games made you a season vet.

PP: But guess what I am more of a VET than yu will ever be.

Fan: hahaha yeah I mean since you cant defend your play I would say that too.

PP: Yu must be mad at your girlfriend or something sucker.

Fan: for being 1 and 5 you sure are in a good mood! I'll make you a bet. If u get a pick next week i'll donate 250 to your charity.

PP: I don't need it your money, but thanks anyways. Why will I be upset with that? There is nothing we can do to get those games back.

Fan: good stuff. Hope you make me put my foot in my mouth.

PP: Oh I will.

And now, the third person

Fan: you are soooo bad. You get burnt like french toast every game. And saying geaux tigers? Bro ur In The league. Not college days

PP: Come on we have other one give me a break. What yu guys think I'm GOD!!!!!

Fan: hahahaha far from god. If you want to get a glimps of god tune in every Sunday to watch revis Christ. You could learn something

PP: He just didn't step into the league ballin now son. All young guys have their ups and down it's coming sideline watcher. Lol

Fan: he actually did come into the league ballin. The day you amount to half of Revis' skill is the day the world ends

PP: so when B Marshall had 100+ did yu hit him and don't get me I love the wayhe play, but it takes time.

Another fan sent this to Peterson and Jefferson

Fan: and are NOT to blame for being 1-5! It's a F***ING team game! We win together and lose together

And this was Petersons last tweet.

PP: I love my Cards fans.

I think that Peterson actually did a decent job handling this besides the picture of him sticking his tongue out. A couple of people were bashing him, but he never went too far in his responses and he didn't lose his cool and say anything he could regret. I don't really have any problem with how he handled this.

He could have ignored it, and probably should have, but the good thing is that he didn't say anything that could really get him in trouble. If you respond to people on twitter, just don't do what DA did a couple months ago. If anything, I would say that like with what Jess said after Jefferson's argument that the fans should be more respectful with how they address Peterson and other players on the team with Twitter.

How do you feel about this? Do you agree with Peterson or the fans? Should Peterson have responded, and did he do a good job in responding to it? Comment away.