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Arizona Cardinals Injury Update: Beanie Wells Hopes To Play On Sunday Against Ravens

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Beanie wells came out of the game in the first half of the game the Arizona Cardinals lost 32-20 to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday, and there has been a lot of speculation as to how serious it is. I feel uneasy about the uncertainty, based on previous secrets, one report said the injury was a bone bruise and would miss 2-3 weeks. Another says 1-2 weeks.

Beanie Wells was on the Doug and Wolf show and had some different information. 

While he did not (could not, didn't want to) say what exactly it was that happened with his knee, he did say this, regarding his availability:

"It's just a matter of controlling the swelling. It's just a day by day thing. Hopefully I'm out there on Sunday and I personally think I will be."

He believes that he injured the knee in the first quarter some time when he took a shot to his legs. He came out when it gave out on him in the second. 

The information sounds good, but he said the same thing about his hamstring earlier this season. He planned on playing (what player says with an uncertain injury that he is not planning on it?) then, but the coaching staff kept him out. 

I understand he probably wants to keep the message out there in public that he wants out on the field and that he is not being tentative. He reputation for not being durable and for not being able to play through minor injuries just can't manage to be shaken. 

Running backs get hurt. It's a fact. Ryan Williams is done for the year. So is former Cardinals Tim Hightower. Darren McFadden is injured. So is Marshawn Lynch. Arian Foster missed time. It is hard to stay healthy for a full 16-game season -- it just is.

I normally am the positive thinker. I doubt we will see him play this week. It would shock me, based on what I have heard. Then again, Kent Somers gave the best info regarding how to read into the likelihood of playing -- go by how much he practices by the end of the week. If he is out until Friday, don't expect to see him. If he is limited all week, there will be a chance. 

Obviously, it would be great to see him take on the Baltimore Ravens defense, especially since he is not planning on letting up on the punishment he has been doling to defenders this season. "I definitely won't be changing the way I run or play at all," said Wells.

How optimistic are you? Do you think he actually could play on Sunday as he says he expects to? Comment below to get your two cents in.