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Should The Arizona Cardinals Sign Free Agent Receiver Bernard Berrian?

The Cardinals have struggled in finding a legitimate #2 wide receiver since the departure of Steve Breaston via free agency. The coaching staff, including head coach Ken Whisenhunt, believed that players like Andre Roberts and Early Doucet would be able to fill the void that was left behind.

So far, Doucet has played rather well and he is consistently getting targeted as one of Kevin Kolb's favorite targets. Roberts has struggled in a starting role thus far in his career. I do not doubt that he could eventually be a great threat, but for now, defenses don't seem to be responding to his presence on the field.

With the release of Bernard Berrian from the Minnesota Vikings, this could all change.

The Cardinals were rumored to have looked at some free agent wide receivers after the lockout was lifted. Malcolm Floyd, Braylon Edwards and even a trade for Lee Evans were all listed as possible options for the team, but no deal ever came to fruition.

Berrian was able to clear waivers yesterday and is now listed as a free agent, meaning that he is free to sign with the team of his choosing. He would likely sign for a near veteran minimum deal that would last throughout the remainder of the 2011 NFL season.

At age 30, Berrian basically fell off the grid after the 2008 season, but many feel that he could still be a deep threat for any team that signs him. He has never been a big impact player, as he never crossed the 1,000 yard plateau in any single season.

Here is the Scouts, Inc. profile for Berrian:

Berrian has average size with excellent athleticism and deceptive strength. He has good initial quickness and push off the line of scrimmage, which enables him to stretch deep zones. Berrian has good hands and has learned to track the deep ball more effectively over the past couple of seasons. He gives steady effort as a perimeter blocker but not very physical to stay connected. Bernard Berrian is a solid overall receiver but inconsistency from his quarterbacks during his career has hindered his progress.

So should the Arizona Cardinals attempt to sign him? My opinion is no. The Cardinals currently sit at 1-5 on the season with no real hope of turning it around in time to make the playoffs. It would be more beneficial to the team to keep playing their young playmakers at this point and see if they can bloom into something greater. Signing Berrian would basically be a moot point.

What do you think? Should the Cards consider signing Berrian to get another deep threat receiver on the roster or should they stick with what they've already got?