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NFL Pro Bowl Voting Open: What About The Arizona Cardinals?

Now that we are cruising in closer to the midpoint of the 2011 NFL season, it is time to start thinking about the Pro Bowl. At this point in the season for the Cardinals, the other bowl -- the one that is super -- is really not even close to being in reach. The NFL just opened up the fan voting portion of the Pro Bowl. The fan vote is one third of the total formula that determines which players get awarded a trip the week before the Super Bowl. 

No, there are a few voting strategies. You can go all in with everyone on the the Cardinals and vote that way. You can also "spread the love" and try for the players that you feel deserve it. There is also the technique used by many females -- vote for the best looking ones. 

Whatever your style, that's fine, but why not take a look at the Cardinals? Since it is a fan vote, we can be completely irrational, right? But we're not going to do that here. Let us take a look at the players that have performed well enough to at least get a look from us in  the voting.

Larry Fitzgerald: If for any other reason, he's Larry Fitzgerald. His reception numbers are down, but his yards are solid. He's still one of the best at his position.

Beanie Wells: He is having a very solid season. Injuries aside, he has been exactly what we have been hoping. He is running over defensive players, putting the ball in the end zone and is even picking up blitzes. 

Daryl Washington: He has 30 tackles, two sacks and an interception. He is all over the field and can be found stuffing plays at the line of scrimmage. It's really exciting seeing him turn in to a quality player.

Darnell Dockett and Calais Campbell: We know that the defensive line is a strength on the team. CC and DD are the anchors of the line. Calais has had some incredible stat lines -- like the one in Seattle. 

Joey Porter and Levi Brown: Haha. Not really a reason to vote for them unless you just vote for all Cardinals, which I still fully support.

Is there anyone else you would consider voting for because of their performance on the field? Anyone you would vote for regardless? Remember, it is a fan decide. No reason is too homerish. I want to hear how you go about voting?

Oh, yeah. Make sure you go vote, too.

Official Pro Bowl online voting