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Arizona Cardinals Make PFF's Good And Bad Lists

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What is seemingly a regular occurrence now, players on the Arizona Cardinals this week find themselves on the All-PFF team and also on the "Had a bad day" list. In an improvement from two weeks ago, there is only one player that is on the bad list. One player made the good list. 

Hit the jump to see who.

On the positive side of things, Calais Campbell was recognized with an in-game grade of +4.0. 

Campbell went on a tear towards the end of the second quarter, giving Chris Kemoeatu a torrid time on his way to a hit and three pressures.

The negative end of things also featured a defensive player. This time it is Paris Lenon. Lenon was graded against the Steelers as a -4.7. 

Whether it be taking on blockers, rushing the passer or dropping into coverage, Lenon was terrible as he made life very easy for the Steelers.

I guess we should not be surprised that Stewart Bradley saw more reps. There was a play near the goal line that I though Lenon had hurt himself. Other readers have noted that he was caught on tape on the sidelines visibly upset.

On the season, Campbell is graded as the highest rated defensive player on the Cardinals. Lenon is rated a +4.0 in pass coverage, but a -3.2 overall. 

Unfortunately, schematically the linebackers need to perform well. 

What do you think of the performance of both players during the game? While watching it, I personally did not get the impression that Lenon was doing poorly, nor do I remember CC's name being called much.