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Madden Simulation, Week Eight: Arizona Cardinals At Baltimore Ravens

Time for the latest Madden Sim, playing out the week eight matchup between the Cardinals and the Ravens.

Again, I am using 15 minute quarters, the rosters are the most recent ones, and the game is played through the Super Sim mode. Beanie Wells is out in the game because I assume that he will not be active.

Game Summary

This wound up being what we should probably expect tomorrow.

The Ravens set the tone early with Flacco throwing a four yard touchdown to Ed Dickson. The next quarter wound up being pretty entertaining with a few scores, Kolb started off by throwing a four yard scoring pass to Roberts, Flacco burned the defense with a 47 yard strike to Torrey Smith for a touchdown, Cundiff booted a 21 yard kick, and then Alfonso Smith who got the start in Beanie's absence wound up scoring on a 32 yard run to close out the half.

The halftime score wound up being rather close with the Ravens leading 17-14. But the Ravens took further control after that.

Our old friend Boldin got in on the act with a 25 yard pass from Flacco for the only score in the third quarter, and Cundiff closed out the game with a 40 yard kick. 

Kolb struggled pretty badly in this game, the Ravens were able to control the clock so he didn't get to do much and the Cardinals weren't able to hand the ball off much even though Alfonso Smith had a couple of good runs. Flacco continued the trend of every Quarterback to face the Cardinals defense having a great game.

And in the end, the Madden Cardinals lose just like the real Cardinals have been doing for quite some time. The final score was 27-14 in favor of the Ravens. The Madden Cardinals also fall to 4-3 on the season.

Box Score:

Teams Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Cardinals 0 14 0 0 14
Ravens 7 10 7 3 27


Notable Stats:


Kevin Kolb - 10 of 23 for 130, TD, Int

Joe Flacco - 14 of 24 for 215, 3 TD


Alfonso Smith - 8 for 61, TD

Ray Rice - 24 for 102


Larry Fitzgerald - 2 for 17

Andre Roberts - 5 for 48, TD

Early Doucet - 3 for 17

Anquan Boldin - 4 for 76, TD

Torrey Smith - 2 for 74, TD

Dropped Passes - Early Doucet


Sacks - Terell Suggs, Haloti Nagta

Int - Ed Reed


Jay Feely - 0 of 0

Billy Cundiff - 2 of 2

Total Offense:

Cards -236

Ravens -323

3rd/4th Down:

Cards - 4 of 9

Ravens - 7 of 12