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Vote For Arizona Cardinals/New York Giants Bonehead Play Of The Game

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Every week someone on the team does something so dumb, you wonder what they were thinking. If any of you watched the Houston/Pittsburgh game you should remember the dumbest block in the back penalty ever on Daniel Manning of the Texans.

This week, especially after a loss all the boneheaded plays are coming from the Arizona Cardinals. With so many candidate plays it was hard to choose which ones were the dumbest. In the poll I listed the plays that I thought affected the game negatively and should have been prevented.

Kerry Rhodes PI was a huge mistake that eventually cost the team points.

The play call on 4th and 2 was baffling considering Beanie Wells performance thus far. It was also poorly executed.

Patrick Peterson look lost in the final minutes as Manning torched him like a weed in the driveway.

Kolb bails to avoid pressure and falls right into the hands of a waiting defender. As a reward for his sack, he gives him the ball.