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Cardinals Vs Ravens Week 8 Open Thread (Cont)

Welcome to the second half gamethread of the Cardinals/Ravens game, and today the Cardinals are actually giving us something to smile about. At halftime the Cards lead 24-6 and they have scored touchdowns on a run by Beanie Wells, a pass from Kevin Kolb to Early Doucet, and a Punt return by Patrick Peterson for a touchdown.

Their defense has also dominated the Ravens, racking up a couple of sacks on Flacco, and he threw an Interception to Richard Marshall in the second quarter.

Hopefully this dominance can continue and the Cards can get a much needed win.

As a reminder, game threads are more lax with the language, but we ought to note we are a community that does not attack other members.

If you see a comment you feel is inapropriate, 'flag it.'

If you like someone's comment, please 'recommend' it, using the "action" link. One post on Monday will highlight the best/funniest comments of the game.

But above all, enjoy the rest of the game and GO CARDINALS!