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Cardinals Vs. Ravens Postgame Analysis and Quotes

I thought I'd be able to write something different for a change, but it appears the Arizona Cardinals aren't through learning how to lose yet. After a solid first half, they folded in the second to give the Baltimore Ravens a W, 30 - 27. I have nothing else left to say. I'm getting condolence texts from fans in Seattle. Perhaps the organization will cover my therapy bill...

And now for the quotes

Again, we start at the top with the head coach. "It's hard right now. We had a chance to do something no one thought we could do." 

And that coach Whisenhunt, is the issue. No one believes anymore. Losses have that effect. 

Larry Fitzgerald states a theme that has become too common, "Coming up short is definitely getting old."

Calais Campbell offered this. "We needed that win."

You didn't need it enough to not give it away. On a day where you needed to take the W, you failed to hold a 21 point lead.

Speaking of giving it away O'Brien Schofield said it. "This one hurt a little more. We had the game and we gave it away."

In a week where upsets happened, (The St. Louis Rams stunned the New Orleans Saints) the Cards managed to fall short. At 1 - 6, the season is spiraling down the drain as the birds find themselves tied for last in the NFL West, with the Rams coming here to determine who really is the worst of the worst. Let's hope this time next week doesn't find us 1 - 7.

And for the last quote. "Close is an verb used by folks who can't win." I'm tired of hearing close folks.