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Dear Arizona Cardinals Organization: An Open Letter From The Fans

Hello, and welcome to a bad reality. 1 - 6. The only win came against a rookie QB in Cam Newton, (who appears to be a real deal) and the newly coached Carolina Panthers, so don't break your arms patting each other on the back folks. Today the Arizona Cards punched the Baltimore Ravens in the mouth. And then went running and screaming like little girls when the Ravens got mad. I'm a fan. But I am asking for change.

From the bottom. I need players to step up and want to win games. 21 point lead. I need a killer instinct. Go for the throat when you opponent is stunned. Finish the game. Player accountability. As a team you win, and each man is responsible for the next. 

From the middle. I need the coaches to manage personnel and game plan more effectively. Coach Grimm needs to improve the play of the OL. Then went with Jeremy Bridges over Brandon Keith after he spend the day getting handled. Levi Brown was no better. In all fairness, the run game looked solid, as the line was getting penetration. But we need athletes that run and pass block. This needs to be handled in two ways. Identify free agent players and sign them. Then draft and build. If he can't improve the play, then he should be replaced with someone who can. Coach Horton needs to look at the men he has to work with, and provide a wish list to be filled via free and draft. Play young players now. For the offensive play calling, call Kurt Warner and lure him from retirement. NOW!

From the top: Coach Whisenhunt. You need to figure it out. What you're doing isn't working. Demand more. From the players. From the managers underneath you. Harbaugh has the San Francisco 49ers on the rise in his first year. You've regressed. You have a vision, fulfill it. Demand more from yourself. But most importantly don't over manage.

There are 9 games left. As a fan I expect to see a spark. Life. The Detroit Lions were 5 - 11 last year. But their fans had something to believe in. They won their last four. 

I'm asking for something to believe in. Please.