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Five Positives from the Arizona Cardinals/Baltimore Ravens Week Seven Game

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It's that time of the week again and it is getting harder and harder to to write this article. 

As many have read I am a pretty adamant in defending the team, believing in our FO and coaching staff and optimistic that we will win. Today, a lot of that changed. Normally I feel this way due to emotions, but after today I wasn't emotional. It felt like something to be expected. Due to that, changes need to be had. 

I really don't want to post five positives, but I will because there were some.

1) Youth movement: Scho and Cho showed up in the first half of the game each making respective plays. Scho caused a fumble and both had sacks in the game.

2)Patrick Peterson showed up: An 88 yard punt return and solid CB play throughout the day (besides a questionable PI call) finally showed the top end potential of Peterson. While we all would have loved another big play from him, so far he has shown improvement every week. Too bad the same can't be said for Jefferson.

3) Capitalized on turnovers: The Scho fumble and the Marshall interception both lead to points, something that has to happen when trying to be a winning team. 

4) Beanie showed his grit: At one point the team thought Beanie was lost for the season. Most of us thought he wouldn't play. Well Beanie did play and he played hard dishing out several huge hits on DB's. He also scored his 7th rushing TD.

5) Despite how bad we got torched through the air by Flacco, we didn't give up a passing TD. Sure, we gave up 3 rushing TD's to Ray Rice, but at this point I'm looking for any positives because I am close to the point of not caring.