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Arizona Cardinals Game Ball, Week 4

The Arizona Cardinals lost on Sunday, but there were more individual players that stood out. Last week, the entire panel was unanimous in their game ball. Calais Campbell was that choice. Who gets game balls this week on the Cardinals? It is not just one person. Hit the jump to find out. 

Jess Root:

My game ball goes to Beanie Wells. While there were a few bright spots, he was a beacon of hope. His 27 carries was a career-high. It almost doubled his carries for the season. He scored the Cardinals' three TDs and was an utter beast. 


My game ball goes to our late round pick, David Carter for identifying the rookie replacement at Center and attacking the replacement with a great swim move to allow Carter to strip Eli and allow Dockett the recovery on the five yard line. That lead to a Beanie Wells TD.


This one is pretty easy for me. Going with Beanie Wells for having the best game of his young career and giving the offense a spark with his physical running. The Cardinals need to keep giving him the ball to make things easier for Kolb after a couple of mediocre games from him. I honestly think that Beanie is about to have a similar type of breakout season to what Darren McFadden had with the Raiders last year.


I'd give my game ball to Beanie Wells. He ran with anger and passion and had a career day. It's been a long time since Arizona has seen one of it's players put up those numbers on the ground.

Tyler Nickel:

My game ball goes to Larry Fitzgerald. Not only did he make some spectacular catches in this game, but he also put up a couple of key blocks that helped Beanie Wells gain a bunch of yards on the ground. Fitz also became the franchise leader in reception yards and for that, he gets the game ball.

Joe Zuppa:

My game ball goes to Beanie Wells for his 138 yards and three touchdowns on 27 carries. For the first time in the last decade, the Cardinals have a running game to be afraid of.


So I have yet to see the game. Makes it hard to hand off the game ball. But unlike Whiz, I'm going to feed the rock to Beanie Wells. 3 TDs, 5.1 YDS a carry average.


Who else other than Beanie Wells? 3 TD's, and he's now leading the league in TD's. But is anyone surprised that he got completely ignored by every major media outlet out there?


It is really easy to give this gameball to Beanie Wells, and that is exactly where mine is going. The only Cardinals to find the endzone, 130+ yards on the ground with another 15 or so wiped out by a "holding" penalty in the first half. He showed he gets stronger as the game goes on. He consistently gets 3-6 yards on early downs putting the offense in good situations. We need to keep feeding him the rock 25 times a game ala Michael Turner.