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Which Direction Will The Arizona Cardinals Take?

Doom and gloom has been reigning here on the site since the Arizona Cardinals dropped their third straight game in agonizing fashion. The 31-27 loss they suffered at the hands of the New York Giants left the Cardinals at 1-3, the three losses being by a total of eight points. In each game, the Cardinals had the ball at the end with a chance to win the game, only to have those drives end in a fumble, an interception and a turnover on downs.

After a series of losses like that, teams tend to do one of two things.

Bad teams and broken teams wilt and stop competing overall. That is human nature. These teams might show up for a game or two during the season, but mostly will be biding time.

The other type of team fights and eventually gets over the hump.

I'm hoping for the latter team.

They remind me a lot of last year's ASU football team. They lost several heartbreakers, but kept working at it, got as trilling win in Tucson and since have been playing very well, showing they can win ballgames.

The Cardinals are in the precipice. It is not the one from which we should all metaphorically jump. There is talent at a lot of key positions. Kevin Kolb will improve. He hasn't been bad overall. Two of his four games were quite good.

With the leadership that is on the Cardinals, I have to believe that the team will turn around. They will start turning those close losses into victories. Hopefully it will come sooner this season rather than later.

So far, those close losses have served as burning embers for ASU to put themselves in a position to win the Pac-12 South.

May these losses inspire better finishes for the Cardinals.

Now, I know that I predicted a 10-6 season. I did not expect Kevin Kolb to be a world beater this year. But I felt that the division and overall schedule lent itself to a season much like the KC Chiefs had. If that doesn't happen, I still look to 2012 as a year that the team should be even more dangerous.