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The Road To Recovery: Ryan Williams Is Well On His Way

Ryan Williams was forced to sit out the entire 2011 season when he tore his patella tendon during the preseason game against the Packers. With an injury like that, it can take numerous months to recover and some players never come back the same. 

Luckily for the Arizona Cardinals, Ryan Williams seems to be recovering rather quickly and is on schedule to play at the beginning of next season. He sent out some tweets of his status yesterday and needless to say, fans should be very optimistic about his recovery. 


I rode the bike a lil felt good...road to recovery lookin good yall...doc said it himself. .."amazing"
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When the doctor says that the recovery is going along "amazing" that is always a good sign. With Ryan working hard and continuing to push himself during his time of rehabilitation, I have no doubt he will come back next year and show us why he was drafted so high. 

So now, Ryan is walking, driving and even biking. According to one of his other tweets, Ryan is also easing in to some weightlifting exercises too. Before you know it, he will be up and running, making cuts on the field and avoiding linebackers. 

Here are some more words of encouragement from Ryan:

Another day of progression yall...gota get it
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Keep working Ryan, we look forward to seeing you on the field soon!