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Former Arizona Cardinals RB Making Bold Predictions

When Tim Hightower was a member of the Arizona Cardinals, he was not one for making a lot of noise in the media. That apparently has changed since being traded to the Washington Redskins. In an interview with CSN Washington, Hightower basically predicted that the redskins would be playing in the Super Bowl.

"The fun will be in February when you guys are interviewing us up in Indy. That'll be fun," Hightower said, before adding that he's "gonna stand by" his "very bold prediction."

As things go with players and the media, I totally understand showing confidence in yourself and in you team. But to put a target like that on your back is unnecessarily silly. The Redskins look pretty good so far in the NFC East, and obviously playing in the Super Bowl and winning it are the ultimate goal for every team. 

What shocked me is that it was Hightower to say it. He was not much of a media sound byte when he was here, from what I recall. 

He may be right, though. After all, Rex Grossman is their quarterback. And as crazy as it sounds, he once led his team was part of a team that went to he Super Bowl once before. 

Here is the video of the interview.