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Kevin Kolb Statistically Doing Just Fine

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Over the last few days, Kevin Kolb has been the topic of discussion, especially after he has not been able to lead the Cardinals to score in their last possession in any of the last three games. He has been criticized for not being patient enough in the pocket and for supposedly just locking on to Larry Fitzgerald and chucking the ball in his direction.

While he has certainly not been the best QB in the league, he has been far from disappointing.

As of now, he is 15th in the league in QB rating at 87.0. Based on his numbers the first four games, if we were to project his numbers for the rest of the season, they are not in bad shape. They would be:

320/520, 4196 yards, 20 TDs 16 INTs, QB rating 87.0

If anyone had asked you what you would give up for a QB to throw for over 4000 yards, 20+ Tds and less than 20 INTs, I would surmise that most would have given up our left nut.

If there were something to pick at in those stats it would be that the number of touchdowns is too low for the yardage. It is...but it is also after a game of not throwing a touchdown.

Barring injury, he is going to improve. He only has four starts under his belt as a Cardinal. Two of those have been very good. If he averages 1.75 TD passes per game in the last 12 games, something that is not unreasonable, he would end up with 26 TD passes. Even if he throws a pick a game, he finishes with 16. 26 TDs with 16 picks with over 4000 yards? That's very good.

How good?

Aaron Rodgers in his first year starting was very good. He threw for 4038 yards, 28 TDs and 13 INTs. His record? 6-10. Two years later he won the Super Bowl.

Is Kevin Kolb Aaron Rodgers? Probably not. But putting together in his first year starting the type of numbers he is on pace or close to on pace for will put him among the best in the league.

Let's say he does throw for over 4000 yards and 20-25 TDs but the team still misses the playoffs. How would you view the trade? How will you view Kolb?

I know that I am optimistic. I am that way. However, I don't think that I am delusionally optimistic.

Yes, Kolb has things to work on. He has made mistakes. But EVERY quarterback makes mistakes. TOM BRADY WAS PICKED OFF FOUR TIMES IN A GAME THIS YEAR!

I urge us all to keep things in perspective. I still think that Kolb is the best QB in the division right now. Statistically it is Alex Smith. Do we really think that will continue? I don't think even 49ers fans think it will keep up. Sam Bradford has not been great.

Does that mean that the Cardinals win the division? Maybe. There are defensive issues we know about.

I just don't think that when the season is over, if the Cardinals are on the outside looking in, that we will be able to look at Kolb's season and reasonable say that he was the reason why.